I Dream of a New Pentecost!

A few days before the celebration of Pentecost, I think of the disciples who surrounded Mary in the Upper Room. They too lived their "confinement", their "ban on going out". They had double-locked the doors for fear of the Jews, for fear that the Master's fate would be theirs if they went out. Yet they had seen the risen Christ more than once. They had touched Him, eaten with Him, heard Him speak to them, walked with Him on the road, or had breakfast with Him by the lake. But they could hardly believe it was Him...


Embraced by Christ... To the Very End!

"Before the feast of the Passover, Jesus, knowing that his hour had come, the hour to pass from this world to his Father, he, who had loved his own who are in the world, loved them to the end" (John 13:1) Every time I read these words from John's gospel, I am moved. Long before the disciples made the preparations for the Last Supper, the evangelist set the table for us to enter into the greatest mystery of love.

A new logo for the CCSI

As we renew the Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes' website, the Executive Council has been working on the idea of a logo that could be part of our corporate image. The President of the CCIS, Father Marcel Caron, consulted Andrés Lara Gonzales, a young graphic design professional from Colombia. After several exchanges, he accepted the challenge of designing a logo for our Conference.

What If The Incarnation Made The Difference!

We are a few weeks away from celebrating Christmas. Hard to believe that this great celebration is already at our doorstep.  But we are called to live the mystery of the Incarnation every day… not just once a year.

The last few weeks have brought many events that question our faith and our living together. What if the Incarnation was given to us to make a difference in the midst of all these situations?

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Formation and Spiritual Renewal Days in Canada

On May 16th in Quebec City and October 27th in Montreal, the Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes (CCSI) organized regional encounters for secular institute members present in Canada. These encounters were held in a fraternal setting filled with joy. In Quebec City, more than 70 persons answered the call with 50 more who met in Montreal.

Paul IV

On October 14th, Pope Francis canonized Pope Paul VI who guided the Church from (1963-1978). He shepherded us during the turbulent years of the Vatican II Council, the social changes of 1968, the time of a spiritual renewal, the sexual revolution and the answer of Humanae Vitae and so many other changes...