A new logo for the CCSI

Marcel Caron, ispx
President of the CCSI


As we renew the Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes' website, the Executive Council has been working on the idea of a logo that could be part of our corporate image. The President of the CCIS, Father Marcel Caron, consulted Andrés Lara Gonzales, a young graphic design professional from Colombia. After several exchanges, he accepted the challenge of designing a logo for our Conference.

Andrés is 26 years old. Born in Santander de Quilichao (Cauca), he studied industrial design and graphic design in Cali (Colombia). He is also a tattoo artist and illustrator and has a great artistic gift. It is with great pleasure that we present you the fruit of his work, which will be part of our corporate image.
Do you know the Canadian flag? This logo reproduces graphically the maple leaf with the 9 rounded points... and the colour identifies the country.
The Conference brings together a group of Secular Institutes working towards common goals: fraternity, love for the world, promotion of our vocation. The three figures are gathered around a "table", represented by the black circle, in a spirit of communion.

The three figures also represent the three elements of a secular institute: consecration, secularity and apostolate, as defined in Provida Mater Ecclesia.
The black circle also symbolizes the world of which we are a part. Each figure carries part of the circle, just as members of secular institutes are called to be part of the world. At the same time, the figure has his arms raised to present this world to God.

The body of the figures is a stylized heart, symbolizing our love for God, our love for the world and our love for our neighbour.
Finally, the three figures also represent the presence of God: Father, Son and Spirit. God makes himself present to the world also through the commitment of the members of secular institutes. What a mission!

We hope that this logo will invite us to commit ourselves more and more to live this beautiful and great mission that has been entrusted to us!

In Him!

Andrés Lara Gonzales